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Are you in the process of installing the PPDM data Model?  Uncertain of where to start?  After all, there are over 45 modules and 1700 tables in the latest schema; 3.8.  This site is dedicated to offer suggestions and insights on how / where to start and what to do to keep it evergreen.  
These pages are being maintained in MindManager, a mind mapping tool from Mindjet as a way of working with the tool to discover what it can/can't do.  It has great Microsoft integration and with the latest release, has the ability to access data sources like Oracle and Excel files.  Please not that one of the features of MindManager is the ability to re-arrange your thoughts.  SO the structure of these web pages might change over time but the content shouldn't.  It is hoped that new sections / comments can be added with little effort, perhaps like a blog.  Without being a blog.
dMCIis pleased to announce the availability of dM Rings, an app for the PPDM.