2.1 Basic Concepts in PPDM
37000 columns.  That’s big in anyone's book.  But when you start to peel back the layers, you will see that there are repeatable patterns.  Patterns that you should be aware of and can be taken advantage of.  This section will review these patterns and make suggestions around implementation.  It will start to lay the concept of how the data model is organized and what columns are used to capture different requirements.  This will be a very large section as it introduces different concepts like the use of source and row_quality columns.  It then moves on to the eleven columns that are repeated in every table in PPDM.  When populated, these columns have the ability to tell a lot about the usage of the database from who created rows (and when) to when data sets were considered active.  From a long term knowledge management point of view, this is very important.
Finally, it will review the architectural principles that make up the PPDM.  A lot of this will probably be drawn directly from white papers posted on the PPDM website.