1.2.3 Columns
This screen shows you all of the columns in the table that you selected. Information shown includes:
  • column name
  • nullable indicator
  • index name, if present
  • foreign key name, if present
  • check constraint, if present
  • data type
The screen looks like this:
You will notice in this example that some words are blue and others are orange.  In order to save space, primary key columns are coloured blue and foreign key columns are coloured orange.
To see the description for any column, press the column and a description screen will pop up like:
Now, if you want to know if the column has a reference (or parent) table associated with it, press the 'Go to Reference Table' button.  If there is one, then you will go to that table.  If there is not one, then a pop-up screen will appear like: