3. Oil & Gas Data Management
Who does it?  The architects? The analysts?  What type of analysts? Business, integration or data?  
Is it:  Effective oil and gas data management that facilitates desktop access to numerous up-to-date databases, including those related to surface and subsurface land, wells, pressure,  production, pipelines, core, reserves, seismic and logs.
Sounds like a pretty good description to me.  So, what are all of these sections listed here? Well, believe it when data quality, profiling, security & governance are just as important in Oil & Gas as they are in the rest of the world. dMCI will explore each of these sections and how they relate to the Oil & Gas industry and the PPDM specifically.
Business professionals have the knowledge of the market needs and competitive landscape that many IT folks don't have.  Likewise, IT folks have knowledge of the type and structure of data and how best to optimize the systems that use the data (computers, software, etc.) but don't necessarily understand how best to apply data analysis to business decisions.