dM Rings Home Modules On-Line Doc Child Tables Columns Rings Tables Columns Future Enhancements PPDM Starter Kit Basic Concepts in PPDM Source & Row Quality Short Description of following tables WES: WES PPDM: PPDM RMOTC: RMOTC WOGCC: WOGCC PPDM_WORKGROUP: PWG dMCI: DMCI Common Columns Use of Natural vs Surrogate Keys Architectural Principles and what they mean to you Null-ability What role constraints have How to manage reference values (using PPDM CODE VERSION tables) Business Rule Assessment Review in-place business rules understand the information flow in your company identify potential changes Review business directive/implementation objective(s) Design and capture new business rules PPDM Application Integration Identify the application to work against PPDM Document the modules/tables and permissions needed Define the 'Data Access Separation Level' Data Conversion Appraisals  Identify data to move Assess data ownership rules Understand and implement the Business Rules as they apply Map data to PPDM model Assess timing of data transfers Migration to new Versions Review current PPDM Implementation Review objectives of migration Impact study of new PPDM version Create proposal for upgrade Implementation Tips and Tricks How do you replace the geopolitical tables? Use of the Active_Ind, Effective_Date & Expiry Date fields Using Groups Oil & Gas Data Management Data Governance Profiling Quality Security Who has access? When was it granted? Who did have access but does not anymore? Is it a role or direct grant? How much overlap is there? i.e.: where Browse & Update roles are the same. Does anyone have 'admin' privileges? Who owns the schemas? Are applications tied to one or many schemas? How have things changed over time? What are all the roles assigned to a schema? What are the direct grants assigned to a schema? Who can make changes?  And When? What applications can access what data? What applications can update what data? Reference Data Management Master Data Management Definition Identification PPDM Meta Data Strategic Vision Business Metadata Common Oil&Gas Business Terms Laying the foundations business terms Create a rm_thesaurus record for the terms that you are going to store add words to the rm_thesaurus_word table business functions Store in the PPDM_RULE table Since there is no rule_name, store the name of the rule as the rule_Id; hope that vc2(20) is enough rule_class will be business function rule_desc will be the full description of the business function business processes same as business function, except rule_class will be business process processes are made up of functions.  This is captured in the ppdm_rule_xref table Linking it together Technical Metadata Procedure to read in Oracle databases Generate XML template for any database system Create XML reader to load in data from above read in LDAP data About About Floy About Britt About Steph